Bath Half Marathon 2020 – Not Long To Go Now
1 March 2020

With Bath Half Marathon 2020 only two weeks away, we take a look at what to expect when it all happens on the 15th of this month.


Bath Half Marathon is back once more, and once more it will all be happening right on our doorstep on Great Pulteney Street. At 11:00am on Sunday March 15th over 16,500 runners will set off on the 13.1-mile-long course.


This year there are 145 official race charities, and it looks like the £26 million raised for charity since 2000 by the Bath Half will get a considerable addition. The 2016 race alone raised over £2.2 million, and the 2017 race raised in excess of £2.25 million!


The lead charities this year are Alzheimer’s Society, Mind, Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, and Prostate Cancer UK.


As ever, there will be plenty of runners running in aid of charity, and many of them choose to tackle the race in costume. In previous years we’ve seen the iconic CoppaFeel! boobs running to raise breast cancer awareness, people running in inflatable bathtubs, Stormtroopers running, and some very brave runners tackling the course in full firefighting kit!


We’re looking forward to seeing what costumes the runners will don this year!


Also back this year will be the Battle of the Bands. For the past few years, local bands have been performing at locations around the course to create a real celebratory atmosphere for both spectators and runners. After the race, runners vote for who they felt the best band was and the winning band receives a prize of £500.


The bands are always varied and of great skill, so it’s well worth seeking them out if you plan to move around the race route, or alternatively, to make a note of one that you think you’ll enjoy and to position yourself near them to watch the race. We’ll have more information on the bands taking part in next week’s blog post.


As ever, the weather is going to play a major part in the race. The 2018 race had to be cancelled due to snow and icy conditions, and recently the storms have been keeping the weather very much in our mind. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t see yet another storm on the weekend of the race, but who knows. Wet-weather gear at the ready!


Keeping water in mind, one big change this year will be the water for the runners. Single-use plastic is highly damaging to the environment, so race organisers have decided against giving out water bottles to runners at points around the course, and have instead asked runners to bring their reusable bottles to refill at refill stations around the course. These will be at the 2 mile, 5 mile, 8 mile, 10.5 mile and 12.5 mile points.


Finally, the course has had to change slightly this year to avoid the building works at Bath Quay. It remains largely the same, but it’s worth noting. The full route map can be found here: