Visit Bath for the Therapeutic City Festival
19 September 2019

This week sees the inaugural Therapeutic City Festival of Bath. From Friday September 20thto Friday September 27th, there will be a whole series of events, walks, and talks in and around Bath examining why health and wellbeing are essential parts of city design and management.


When it came to choosing a location for a therapeutic festival, Bath was a natural choice. It has a long history of being a place for rest and recuperation. In the 18thand 19thcenturies people visited the city to bathe in the thermal waters, but also to drink the restorative waters in a practise known as “taking the cure”.


Bath was also a place for enlightenment though. The city saw many meetings of radical thinkers, and debate and innovation was very much part of the city.


Now, as Bath applies to UNESCO to be recognised as one of the Great Spas of Europe, the questions the festival looks at are; “what should a twenty-first century spa city be like?”, “can they be an antidote to the stress and pollution normally associated with urban environments?”, and “how can places and cities have therapeutic value?”.


A few of the festival events which may be of particular interest include:


The Walking Cure

2pm-3pm, Saturday 21stSeptember, meeting outside the Abbey’s main entrance

A walk through Bath exploring the built and natural landscapes of the city, and how we interact with the space around us.


Therapeutic City Planning: Healthy City Debate 1

5:30pm-7pm, Monday 23rdSeptember, The Avon Parade Riverboat

This lovely debate (on a boat!) sees speakers ranging from the Cabinet Member for Transport Services, to university lecturers, to policy analysts. The topic will be; how do we create our cities to be places that are good for our health and wellbeing?


Taking the Waters

4:30pm-7pm, Thursday 26thSeptember, The Dining Room at The Roman Baths

A series of short talks from a range of speakers will detail how Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths are harnessing the water from the only thermal spring in the UK. The talks will be followed by drinks and visits to the spring.


These events caught our eye, but these are just some of the great events which are planned. The full programme can be found here.