Dukes Hotel – From 2020 to 2021
26 December 2020

Well, no one can say that this hasn’t been a hard year. With so many uncertainties and a huge amount of disruption to our daily lives now is the time to think about what has happened this year that we’ve been grateful for.


Our guests

We missed our guests this year when we were all locked down and unable to travel. However, when we were able to open once more it just made us that much more grateful to see our guests and to be able to do what we do best – be a home away from home, and in this year especially, a welcome escape.


Our families

Though we may not have been able to see all of our family in person, we were very grateful to be able to see them in any way at all. Technology has meant that we can see our families and friends via video call, and that’s made us more appreciative of technology than perhaps we ever were before! Certainly we like the traditional and old antique charm, but we wouldn’t have known what to do with ourselves without the technology to see our families this year.


Our local community

We were all encouraged to support small businesses and to shop local if we can, and we’ve been reminded anew of how much of a support network our community is. We’ve always loved buying from the independent businesses of Bath (especially the bakeries of Bath), and this year we’ve been thankful that so many others in Bath also do the same. When someone has had a problem, the community has rallied around to help them, and it’s reminded us how much kindness and compassion is out there.


Our countryside

Long walks have become a favourite this year. Being able to go on long walks through the parks and woods around Bath is one thing which we’ve been able to look forward to as a way to blow the cobwebs away and to raise our spirits. The little things like seeing the leaves change colour on the trees, and seeing some truly beautiful sunsets from the Bath skyline walk has reminded us how much beauty there is in the world.


We’re sure that we’ve all had our share of days when we’ve been feeling down, but at Dukes we’re hopeful that the coming year will see the metaphorical sun bursting through the dark clouds of 2020.


So, finally and importantly, thank you so much to all of our guests who’ve stayed with us in Bath this year, in years previously, and those who are planning to stay with us in the year to come. Dukes Hotel wouldn’t be the place we love without you all.