Visit Bath and See Peter Brown at Victoria Art Gallery
7 January 2020

Artist Peter Brown, or to give him his brush-name “Pete the Street”, is one of our absolute favourite artists. Based in Bath, he never tires of taking the everyday scenes of our beautiful city and translating them into incredible impressionist paintings. At present, we are delighted to say, there is an exhibition of his work on display at Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery.


The exhibition opened on November 30th, and is running until February 2nd. Among the paintings there will be paintings from Peter’s travels which have taken him to places far and wide; including the not so far-away London, and the further off locations of New York, Havana, and Istanbul. The majority of the paintings will be those depicting the city we know and love so well – Bath.


Peter paints the well-known locations of Milsom Street, Bath Abbey, Hedgemead Park, and Pulteney Bridge, but he also paints the beautiful less well-known parts of Bath too. Bath abounds in intriguing backstreets and quiet pockets of tranquillity hidden within the bustling city, and Peter has a knack for finding them and capturing them in oils.


Peter works in all weathers, despite working on location – he sets up his easel and paints the scene on site (or on sight as it were), and often passers-by are included in his paintings. This means that you never get the same scene twice. Bath is a constantly changing city, and this is reflected in Peter’s art.


The current exhibition at Victoria Art Gallery, “Peter Brown: Bath Is It”, has over one hundred new oil paintings and drawings on display, and we thoroughly recommend going to see it while you can.


Tickets are £5 (or free for Discovery Card holders). Also worth considering is the Saver Ticket, which is valid for single entries to the Roman Baths, Victoria Art Gallery, and Bath’s Fashion Museum. These are available online at a 10% discount at a price of £23.40 for an adult and £22.05 for a senior, or can be bought on the day at any of the locations at a price of £26 for an adult and £24.50 for a senior.


The exhibition opening times for Victoria Art Gallery, where the “Peter Brown: Bath Is It” exhibition is, are 10:30am-5pm daily (with a last entry time of 4:40pm).


The works in the exhibition’s online catalogue are also available for purchase. The catalogue can be viewed here:


We hope that you love the exhibition as much as we do!