Plan Not to Plan
26 October 2020

We've written lots of blog posts about museums to visit, shows to see, and events to attend, but one of the wonderful things about a weekend break in Bath is that you don't have to have done a lot of meticulous planning beforehand to have a good time. Sometimes a plan to take things slower is the best kind of plan.


With that in mind, this post is about things to do in Bath, but not things you must do, or a schedule to keep to if you want to "tick things off". Instead these are some of our top tips for going with the flow when you're in Bath.


Watch the world go by

Bath is a city for people-watching and enjoying the moment. Take a seat on one of benches in front of Bath Abbey and soak up the atmosphere. Gaze up at the grand architecture of the Abbey facade, the grand exterior of the Pump Room and the covered colonnade beyond. Enjoy the music from the buskers and reconnect with the world around you.


Commune with nature

Walk in one of Bath's parks and breathe in the fresh air. Maybe stroll through Victoria Park and come to the Royal Crescent, or discover the folly in Sydney Gardens, or the views from the Bath Skyline walk. A change of scene, especially one which is rich in nature, is a tonic for the soul.


Find your own hidden gems

Bath is replete in fine restaurants and charming cafes. Rather than booking a table at a posh restaurant, take a wander through the city, go down a side street, let your feet take you somewhere and just see where you end up. You're sure to come across a new eatery which looks inviting. It may become a firm favourite.


Roll the dice

There are lots of things to see in Bath, and it can be hard choosing what to do. You could try and do it all, but that's probably not going to be very relaxing. With limited time, you may be torn between options, so instead of worrying what to choose, try choosing just one or two things to do by picking your top few, give them a number, and then roll a die. Do whatever the die chooses.


Let us decide

Alternatively, you could ask any of us here at Dukes for a recommendation. We're full of ideas and insider tips. We're here to help you have the very best break in Bath possible, so please, ask us anything!