Reasons to Be Cheerful - Staying Positive During the Corona Virus
5 April 2020

In these stressful times we’ve been determined to find positivity and reasons to be cheerful. We need to keep our spirits up and the following things have really helped us to do just that. We hope maybe this list helps you to find some more happiness during these times too.


Fresh Air

We’re really lucky to have an outside courtyard area here at Dukes, so we’re not limited to the amount of time we can spend in the fresh air. We know that not everyone is as lucky as us in having a garden area, but even opening the windows and taking deep breaths of fresh air can make a huge difference. We’ve certainly been grateful for it.


Blooming Flowers

During our daily socially-distanced exercise we’ve seen so many flowers blooming in window boxes and parks. A splash of colour, a sign of new life, and an extraordinary yet everyday example of the wonder that is the perfect imperfection of nature.



Spotting the rainbows which children (and adults too) have put in their windows to brighten people’s walks is anything thing which we’ve really appreciated seeing. The different styles of them and the range of materials used has been inspiring. Which brings us to…



With all the time we now have at home, we’re looking on the bright side and seeing it as an opportunity to explore our creative side and start to learn new skills. There are lots of online tutorials for learning languages - including British Sign Language, and for how to sew, take great photos, paint like an expert, how to play different instruments. The list goes on!



Usually at Dukes we’re keen to extoll the charm and elegance of the past, especially the 18th century, but at the moment we’re very grateful for the likes of Zoom, Skype, and other video-calling computer programmes that are helping us to see our friends and family while staying safe.


Community Spirit

Listening to and joining in with the clapping for the NHS and our other brave key workers at eight o’clock every Thursday has been so heart-warming. Hearing the sound of applause echoing around the nearby streets of Bath is a really special thing. Well done to our NHS and key workers – they’re doing an amazing job!


Of course we miss lots of things, and we miss being able to welcome our guests to Dukes and help them to discover the wonders of Bath, but we’re determined to keep our spirits up and find light and joy in the dark times. We hope this blog post has helped you to do that too.