Visit Bath and Visit a Bath Bookshop
27 August 2020

We love reading, and when you’re on holiday it’s a joy to discover the local bookshops around where you’re staying. In this blog we look at a couple of our favourite independent bookshops in Bath. As well as being great to visit for our own enjoyment, it’s now more important than ever to support our local businesses!


Our top pick for a bookshop, and certainly the top place to go if you’re looking for the personal touch, is Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. Mr B’s is a bookworm’s haven. The upper floor is like a cross between a quaint cosy library and an elegant Regency sitting room, while downstairs is a children’s reading area (complete with a book tree and plenty of nooks to explore), games section, writer-in-residence work station, and shelves which transcend the typical A-Z format.


In Mr B’s you’ll come across books that you wouldn’t find in more mainstream bookshops, and the staff are experts are pointing you towards books you’ll love. You can also take advantage of their “Reading Spa” - when you buy a Reading Spa voucher the team at Mr B’s give you a one-on-one book chat in their Bibliotherapy Room, along with tea, coffee and cake. (At the moment they’re all booked up, but their Reading Subscriptions are a great alternative.)


Another great independent bookshop in Bath is Topping and Company Booksellers. They do have a few other branches – in Ely, Edinburgh and St. Andrews - but they’re still a small company who focus on the details. Toppings, like Mr B’s, regularly holds events from the some of the very best names in the literary world. Their next event will be on October 15th, so not long to wait!


But even if you’re not able to go to one of their upcoming events, then the Topping’s shop itself on The Paragon close to the top of Milsom Street is well worth a browse. For fans of collectable books they sell first editions, first printings, and author-signed copies of books.


If second-hand books are more your kind of thing, then we can also recommend the second-hand book stall in the Guildhall Market. The Guildhall Market is filled with independent sellers, who are selling all kinds of wares, and the building itself is just generally a lovely place to pay a visit too.


At Dukes we also make sure to have on hand plenty of books which you might like to read during your stay with us – from Jane Austen, to local history, to modern fiction. Whatever you choose to do in Bath, whether that includes reading or browsing bookshops or not, we hope that you’ll stay with us on your next visit to Bath, and have a fantastic time doing it!