Visit Bath, Visit Bath’s Neighbours
4 August 2020

We love Bath. There’s just so much to see and do on a visit to Bath!


Of course, you could also just go with the flow and have a relaxed weekend away in Bath, but if you’re looking to stay in Bath for a bit longer, and you fancy going a little further afield on the odd day or two, then these are some of our top suggestions for places you can easily visit during your stay in Bath.



Bradford-on-Avon is another beautiful settlement which, like Bath, can trace its roots back to the Romans. Also like Bath, it has a wealth of wonderfully historic buildings, and lots of little alleyways, river walks, and independent shops and cafes to explore.

A nice idea is to hire a bike and cycle to Bradford-on-Avon via the River Kennet and Avon canal path, but you can visit by car – it’s a twenty-minute drive from Bath, or it’s also easily accessible via train and bus.



Wells is England’s smallest city, but it has a lot of character and plenty to do. As with Bath, it’s a historic city with lots of history to explore. The famous 13th century Cathedral being just one example of a Wells must-visit. Other historic buildings include the moated Bishop’s Palace (which regularly hosts outdoor theatre performances and special events) , Vicars’ Close, and St Cuthbert’s Church.

Wells is approximately fifty minutes’ drive from Bath, or accessible by the number 173 bus which leaves from Bath bus station.



Bristol has a very different vibe to Bath, despite being only thirty minutes away by car. Bristol is generally much busier than Bath, but it does have some famous attractions that are worth seeing.

The hippodrome is a good place to go if you want to see a West-End musical, without having to go all the way to the West-End. Bristol Zoo Gardens is also a great visit, as is the Bristol Aquarium. While for history fans, a visit to Brunel’s amazing SS Great Britain might well appeal - this great passenger steamship is quite a sight to behold.

Bristol is incredibly easy to get to via a variety of different buses and trains. We’d recommend this over driving from Bath to Bristol as parking in Bristol is limited and can get pretty pricey.



Lacock is not quite so easy to access if you’re reliant on public transport, but if you have a car, then it’s an easy twenty-minute journey from Bath.

Lacock is a small village which feels like a step back in time. The small stone houses look much as they did over two-hundred years ago. This has made it especially popular as a filming location for the likes of Cranford, Pride and Prejudice, and other period dramas. This may also explain the odd feeling of deja-vu it can inspire. The abbey meanwhile was used as a location for the Harry Potter films, but is a place to explore for any photography enthusiasts as it was the home to the inventor of the photographic negative, and has an excellent museum on the subject.


In next week’s blog we’ll look at a few of the country houses that are nearby which you might like to visit when you stay in Bath.