Visit Bath In 2018 And See The Owls
12 February 2018

Remember King Bladud’s pigs? The lions of Bath? Well if you come to Bath this year you’ll be greeted with Minerva’s owls instead.


If you visited Bath in the summer of 2008 you might have seen some rather colourful pigs dotted around Bath.


These were part of the King Bladud’s Pigs of Bath art trail, which saw 100 pig statues sponsored by local businesses and decorated by a wide array of artists and then spread throughout the city for locals and tourists to track down and tick off their list. It was a great way to explore areas of the city which you might not have come across before. It also raised over £200’000 for charity when the statutes were auctioned off when the art trail came to a close.


On a related note, if you visited Bath in the summer of 2010 you might have seen some a pack of lions scattered about the city. Similar to King Bladud’s Pigs of Bath, only with lions rather than pigs as the animal of choice for the statues, the Lions of Bath was another great success.


We mention these because they’re a good introduction to the new art trail coming to Bath this summer.


This year Minerva’s owls will be flying in to Bath for a four-month stay in ‘Minerva’s Owls of Bath 2018’. The trail will run from the 25th of June to the 10th of September, and will be followed by a public auction of the owls with proceeds going to charity. The owls “Hoot Farewell” auction preview weekend will be from the 6th-7th of October, with the auction itself set to take place at the Assembly Rooms on October 17th.


Currently the owls are in the design stages, with the final sponsors yet to be picked and the final artists set to be selected by the beginning of March. However one owl has been finished, that owl decorated by Jane Callan called ‘Owl & the Pussycat’ (the owl in this blog post).


There will also be owlets (75cm-size versions of the full-size owls) on display around Bath. These smaller birds will be sponsored and decorated by local schools and community groups and will join the trail as an added bonus. After the trail ends the owlets will be returned to the schools and community groups who decorated them as a lasting reminder of the Minerva’s Owls of Bath project.


So why owls?


The Roman Baths temple, built in 1AD, was dedicated to the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva, whose animal symbol was an owl. After all, the art trails always relate to the city’s cultural heritage in some way.


We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the trail as it gets closer to the official launch, and hopefully we’ll be able to welcome you to Bath later this year so you can see the owls in person!