Visiting Bath - A Closer Look At BathFilm Festival
4 November 2019

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the city of Bath while the BathFilm Festival is taking place then you’re in for a real treat. These are a few of our top picks from the upcoming festival.


BathFilm Festival takes place each year in Bath at around this time. This will be the festival’s twenty-ninth year in Bath, with events scheduled for eleven days from November the 7thuntil November the 17that various locations across the city.


As has been a recurring focus of the festival for a few years now, particular thought has been given to showing films with women in prominent roles. Thirteen of the films which will be shown have even been Triple F-Rated – meaning that they have been written by, directed by, and star women. A couple of the films which rate highly for their F-rating, and which we think will be a particular highlight are:



Date: 8thNovember

Start time: 18:30

Where: Odeon Bath

Run time: 93 minutes

The Guardiandescribed this as the best film at the year’s Toronto Film Festival. It tells the story of two siblings who are faced with a foster home and separation unless they can escape the reach of social services. The film is a magical escape and a funny celebration of life. If all goes to plan, the director Sarah Gavron will be welcomed for a Q&A following the screening.



Arab Blues/Un divan à Tunis

Date: 17thNovember

Start time: 20:30

Where: The Little Cinema

Run time: 88 minutes

A young woman in Tunis decides to set up a psychotherapy practice on the roof of the building she lives in, but her family and neighbours are less than keen. Soon however, demand exceeds her ability to cater to all who need her help. This debit feature film combines different languages and cultures to bring charm and insight to the screen (there will be subtitles for this film). Following the film will be a FilmBath interview with the director, Manele Labidi.



Two of the other big highlights that we think will be must-sees are these two:



Shorts Showcase

Date: 10thNovember

Start time: 19:00

Where: Chapel Arts Centre

This compendium of short films shows features that were made on a shoestring up alongside those with a far more substantial budget. It includes many different genres; surreal comedy, incredible animation for example. This will be inspiring on a grand scale in the form of many shots of short magic.



2019 IMDb Awards

Date: 14thNovember

Start time: 18:00

Where: Komedia

This will be the 7thannual IMDb New Filmmaker Award. Five finalists will have their shortlisted films shown and then the judges will choose who will win the £2,000 prize. The finalist films showing include, an experimental documentary short made in West Bengal, a nerve-wracking romantic meeting, a shoe-shiner who has a customer with a dark secret visit him, a man coming to terms with his past ahead of a difficult rendezvous, and a film exploring the need to stand up for what’s important in a world of fake news, cyber-crime, and government surveillance.