Wonderful Walks To Do On A Visit To Bath – Part One
30 June 2020

Bath is a gorgeous city, with lots to see and do. As well as the Roman Baths, the Thermae Spa, Bath Abbey, and a whole host of other museums and activities to explore, there are a great number of walks to enjoy. These next upcoming blog posts will look at just a few of them.


The first walk to do for any visitor to Bath has to be a walk of the city. It’s a great way to see some of the city’s history and to enjoy the impressive architecture that abounds in Bath.


If you exit Dukes Hotel onto Great Pulteney Street, you can walk towards Pulteney Bridge and make your way towards the city centre. Don’t forget to take in the view over the weir and the back of the bridge once you reach the other side! Next you can cross over the street, past Victoria Art Gallery and Bath Guildhall, and take in the exterior of Bath Abbey and the impressive Pump Rooms. If you have time, and they’re open, you can go in and taste the famous waters of Bath from the grand fountain inside.


After seeing the Abbey and Pump Rooms, walk with your back to the Abbey, past the Pump Rooms and underneath the pillared colonnade, to come to the UNESCO symbol set into the cobbles on Stall Street, close by the exit of the Roman Baths.


From the UNESCO symbol, walk up Stall Street, then Union Street, and finally up Milsom Street towards the Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms. These are well worth seeing, from both the inside and outside. The four elegant rooms inside (not counting the lower floor where the fashion museum is to be found) were variously used for tea-drinking, dancing, and playing cards, while in more recent years, they’ve hosted various literary events, musical events, and many film crews!


From there it’s a short stroll to the iconic Circus, and along to the, perhaps even more iconic, Royal Crescent. This is a definite must-do photo spot for any visitors to Bath. If you have time, you can also see inside No 1 Royal Crescent, and see a house in the Crescent laid out for the Georgians as it would have been when they were first constructed.


After the Royal Crescent, double-back towards the Circus and walk down Gay Street. You’ll pass number twenty-five where Jane Austen stayed for a time when she was living in Bath, and a little further along the street, number forty where the Jane Austen Centre is to be found. Then you’ll be in Queen Square with its grand obelisk (which lost its top back in 1815 following a grand storm – before this it was even taller, reaching 70ft tall).


After enjoying Queen Square, take Barton Street (on the bottom left corner of Queen Square) to Saw Close. Here you’ll find Bath’s Theatre Royal, and the old house of Beau Nash, the famous master of ceremonies of Georgian Bath. From here, walk along Upper Borough Walls, where you’ll pass the old mineral hospital of Bath, and a section of the medieval city wall!


Pass down Bridge Street and continue back over Pulteney Bridge, along Great Pulteney Street, and finish your walk with a stroll through Sydney Gardens, and (if they’re open), a cup of tea and a well-deserved slice of cake at the, frankly fantastic, café at the Holburne Museum.


We hope you come to Bath soon, and get to enjoy this walk. We’ll have more walks which you can take on your visit to Bath in later blog posts, so keep an eye out on our website or via our social media channels. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.