Ideas For A Wonderful Weekend In Bath
14 July 2020

There’s no shortage of things to do on a weekend to Bath, and even in these strange times that’s definitely still the case. These are just a few of our favourite ideas for a wonderful weekend in Bath.


A walking tour

In a recent blog post we wrote about a lovely walking tour which you can do yourself (you can find that blog post here), but it’s not your only option. Usually there are free daily walking tours which are offered by Bath’s Honorary Guides. Sadly these aren’t running at the moment, but there are alternatives. One which we can recommend which is available via private booking is Bath Regency Walking Tours. Other walking tour options can be found here.


The Roman Baths

The famous Roman Baths are open once again! Tickets must be pre-booked, but that pre-booking can be made on the day, and only a short time before entry. Currently there is good availability across the booking calendar, so whenever you’re coming to Bath, you should be able to visit the Roman Baths. (The Pump Rooms are not yet open, but there are lots of delicious cafes and restaurants in Bath that are!)


Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is open once more, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. It’s a magnificent building, as well as a very peaceful place to be. There’s lots of information about the history of the Abbey to read as you look around, as well as volunteers who you can talk to and ask any questions you may have.


The Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum has an impressive collection of paintings and objects from around the world, and a regular programme of visiting exhibitions too. At present tickets can be purchased online or at the welcome desk upon arrival and there’s no timed entry as the museum is operating a one-way system.

Usually the Holburne has many galleries which are free to visit, but as the Holburne has moved its temporary, ticketed Grayson Perry exhibition into the permanent collection galleries, free tickets are unavailable. However, given how good the Grayson Perry exhibition is, we think it’s actually a very small ask in order to have the Holburne open once more.


Explore the parks

Bath has a wealth of gorgeous green spaces right in the middle of the city. There’s Sydney Gardens just outside of the Holburne, there’s Alice Park, Henrietta Park, and the most well-known, Royal Victoria Park. Royal Victoria Park has a temporary beach café (complete with palm trees and sand) which is ideal for a summer drink and a spot of R-and-R. It’s set up next to Victoria Falls Adventure Golf – another thing that is an ideal activity for a weekend in Bath, plus, it’s naturally social distanced!


Take a trip on the river

Bath boating station has rowing boats and punts for hire, and, as with adventure golf, is naturally socially distanced. You can hire a boat for up to two hours and taking in the peace and tranquillity.