Please let us know a little in advance if you're interested in experiencing some of our specialities.



In offering you the first meal of the day we take pleasure in feeling we have ‘set you up’. Our bacon and sausages are sourced from Terry and son, Bath. Our eggs are local and free range. Mushrooms seasoned and gently tossed in extra virgin olive oil share a warmed plate with full, fat, ripe tomatoes, lightly seasoned and grilled with a fresh sprig of thyme. ‘Stornoway’, possible the finest black pudding in the world, a gastronomic delight. Hand made on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland this subtle and delicious black pudding is famous throughout the world for offering a mystical 'taste of the isles'.


Vegetarian and Fish options

With vegetarians in the family we understand the interest and consideration in ensuring a tasty and enjoyable platter. We are happy to prepare eggs any way you wish and can offer you a variety of vegetarian options from our menu.

We also offer poached haddock, kippers and smoked salmon sourced through Kingfisher of Paignton in Devon.

We will make every effort to ensure you enjoy the breakie of your dreams!!



For many a breakfast coffee is nearly a meal in itself. We pride ourselves on preparing what we believe may be the finest guesthouse coffee in Bath. Whether an espresso or latte we use only the finest beans ground in house each morning on receipt of your request.

Whether you prefer sweet pastries and croissant or rye bread with cold sliced meats and cheese, we welcome the opportunity to satisfy your request.

We have fresh fruit salad and a fruit platter to ensure a contribution to your '5 and day'.

Each morning our professionally trained ‘chef’ will prepare for you a breakfast of your choice. Our repertoire is broad and varies with the season; however we are always able to offer you:

Local pork sausages, delicious smoked back dry cured bacon, Stornoway black pudding from Scotland, freshly grilled tomatoes and sautéed local mushrooms. A selection of these breakfast ingredients may be served with your choice of large soft poached eggs or fried eggs or lightly scrambled as you prefer.

Alternatively we offer homemade pancakes with maple syrup and Greek yogurt. We are widely appreciated for our Scottish porridge oats, simmered with a glazing of Scottish whisky and rich brown sugar.

Our smoked haddock, smoked salmon and butter grilled kippers are sourced from Kingfisher, Paignton in Devon.

For those not wanting a cooked breakfast we offer a breakfast buffet table teasingly loaded with a selection of cereals, muesli and yoghurt, a selection of pastries, toast marmalades and jams.